Iridium AxcessPoint in Use with ARC RallySailors download free GRIB weather files onto iPad onboard S/V Rafael during ARC Rally 2011

Download free GRIB files on your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone with the Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web Apple iOS app. Use your Iridium satellite phone, an Iridium AxcessPoint WiFi hotspot and Global Marine Networks' free GRIB service. We now have a complete reliable solution to receive, display and manage GRIB and other weather files on open seas with your iPod, iPad and other IOS devices.
Listen to the 3 minute audio and learn:

  • What equipment to use
  • What apps to use
  • The procedure to put it all together to download GRIBs and more on your iPod at sea
Get all the weather data you need for a successful crossing with an iPad, the new Iridium AxcessPoint WiFi hotspot, Iridium satellite phone, the right apps and GMN expertise. Fill out the form to listen and learn how now!